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RhomboidMail makes it easy to create great-looking, professional and personalised email campaigns. But more than simply delivering a message, recipients can respond by clicking links in the email to find out more. RhomboidMail lets you track the responses from individual recipients in real time. And you can measure a campaign's overall success by viewing summary statistics in graphical form.

With RhomboidMail you can:
Design attractive and professional emails
Easy-to-use templates and wizards guide you through the design process in minutes. Embed links in the email message which take the recipient to your website for more information.


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Use RhomboidMail to:

Find new customers
Gather email addresses (by permission) of people interested in your products or services -- from your website, business cards, word of mouth, etc. Put these into groups according to their expressed interests and send them targeted email messages.

Keep your current customers informed
Newsletters and product announcements tell your existing customers you're active and interested in keeping them happy. Studies have proved that by far the biggest reason customers look elsewhere is simply loss of regular contact. RhomboidMail tracks when a recipient has opened an email and when they click a link to your website.

Maintain your contact lists
RhomboidMail automatically removes duplicates and marks bad addresses as invalid. All recipients have the opportunity to unsubscribe by a simple click.